Frequently Asked  Questions

What is a moment facilitator?

Significant moments in our lives can sometimes slip away from us.  We often fumble with the idea of paying close attention to something very important, especially when it involves ourselves or someone very special to us.  Mary Jo, as moment facilitator, has the expertise necessary to assist you with looking at the significance of what is happening.  She will create with you a way to celebrate, commemorate and empower the moment.  Your significant moment is in good hands with Mary Jo.


Are you a party planner?

My work takes me into the “party planning” world all the time.  While I am not an official “party planner,”  I am a good place to start.  As we consult together, we will discover many elements of the event that are important to you.  I have a list of resources and can easily refer you to the next step of your planning.  I am also able to work with any event planner that you are working with.  More questions, just ask and we’ll find a solution.


What type of events do you facilitate moments for?

When I was 18 years old, I created a commemorative slide show for a sports banquet.  It was a huge success.  This was a significant moment for me, realizing I had a sensitivity and a skill for celebrating, commemorating and empowering others.  I have officiated weddings, funerals, baby blessings, house blessings, business blessings, retirements, graduations, driver’s license parties, New Year’s Eve blessings, spring, winter and summer commemorations.  Whatever we determine together is significant, we can celebrate.


How long have you been a Moment facilitator?

As mentioned above, I have been marking the moment since I was 18.  I am currently the Spiritual Director for Center for Spiritual Living Denver and marking the moment is an integral part of my community life.  I bring experience, passion and creativity to this work.  I love it.


Are your ceremonies religious?

If you want a ceremony to be religious, it can be.  I find that Marking the Moment is an exercise in bringing our awareness and our attention and for that matter our intention to a specific, significant moment.  With that as my goal,, often participants will have a spiritual experience.  It’s a beautiful experience to be in the midst of love, honor, appreciation, respect  and remembrance.  This is what I am dedicated to bringing forth in the ceremonies that I create.



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